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imgESD PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Keystone Fire Protection

NOTIFIER is thrilled to spotlight Keystone Fire Protection, a Premier ESD in North Whales, PA. Keystone is a family owned and operated company with over 60 years of experience in the fire protection business.

Keystone has had immense success selling NOTIFIER products and solutions into the Pennsylvania market, with a focused effort on successfully selling and installing new products. This was showcased in a historic Valley Forge property where Keystone recommended the use of the new SWIFT Wireless AV to avoid disruptions to the aesthetics of the facility and provided a cost-effective solution to the end user.

Jim Arizini, VP of Construction Sales at Keystone Fire Protection, and his team have also embraced the BDA product offering, quickly recognizing that this business could be a game changer for their company. Jim began to focus heavily on the initiative and dedicated time and resources to educate his team on the products and solutions. As a result, Keystone has successfully placed NOTIFIER BDA systems into assisted living and healthcare facilities in the Philadelphia region. Two of these notable projects were rush jobs that Keystone was able to manage with impressive ease, placing the end users first and ensuring that both facilities passed AHJ inspection and opened on time.

We want to thank the entire team at Keystone Fire Protection for their commitment to NOTIFIER, and congratulate them on recent project successes. Thank you for your partnership and we wish you many more years of success.   


Deane Allen, Customer Service Supervisor, recently joined the Order Management team in June of this year. In her short time with Honeywell she has been an instrumental addition to the department. Deane comes to Honeywell from Fujifilm Medical Systems, where she spent 15 years in various positions within the customer service organization, ultimately being promoted to Manager with a team of 8 direct reports.

In her role at Honeywell, Deane is responsible for overseeing the NOTIFIER customer service team. She has jumped into her challenging and exciting role, meeting our NOTIFIER sales team, interacting with you, our NOTIFIER partners, and instituting new and exciting best practices within her department.

“Deane has been a great addition to our team,” noted Jason Huber, Manager of Customer Experience. “Her ideas, responsiveness and positive energy, along with her knowledge and expertise, has enhanced the experience for our customers and has had a positive impact on the entire customer service group.”

Outside of work Deanne enjoys spending time with her son, who is currently studying at St. John’s University, and reading fashion, hair and makeup blogs.

Thank you, Deane, and keep up the great work!


NOTIFIER Leadership Conference 2020 – Room Block Now Available


Get ready to be INSPIRED! The 33rd NOTIFIER Leadership Conference is taking place this coming March and it will not disappoint. The 2020 Leadership Conference will be our CONNECT. PROTECT. INSPIRE culmination event focused on YOU, our valued NOTIFIER partners. It will be three fantastic days dedicated to learning, networking, and celebrating your achievements.

Our hotel room block is now available for booking. Click here to access the conference webpage and book your reservation today.


UNP Training Schedule – December 2019 & January 2020

As we roll out our Unified Notification Platform (UNP) software solution we want to provide you with in-depth training that will help you differentiate your business. NOTIFIER UNP training gives you the opportunity to offer the most comprehensive and effective on-premise and off-premise life safety emergency communications to your customers. 

UNP training dates have been announced for December 2019 and January 2020 and will held near NOTIFIER’s partner, Syn-Apps, facility in Portland, Oregon. The 2-day technical training program has been specifically developed to enable NOTIFIER fire alarm technicians to successfully deploy, test and troubleshoot UNP software solutions.

Click here to learn more and register today.


REMINDER: BDA Project Registration Programs

imgReliable public safety radio coverage is a necessity for safer schools and healthcare facilities. Lives depend on it. NOTIFIER knows this, and offers a project registration form for a 2% discount off of the final BDA system BOM on qualifying education and healthcare facility projects.

Learn more about the BDA Healthcare Project Registration Program.

Learn more about the BDA K-12 Project Registration Program.

For additional information, please contact your Regional Sales Manager. Thank you for your continued support and interest in BDA!


BDA Training Schedule – Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 Dates Announced

imgAs we remain focused on our UL2524 listed Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) solutions, NOTIFIER, in conjunction with Radio Solutions, Inc (RSI), has confirmed our training schedule for Q4 2019 and Q1 2020.

Training will be held at NOTIFIER’s BDA supplier partner, Radio Solutions, Inc.’s, facility located in Norwell, MA. The 3-day technical training program has been specifically developed to enable NOTIFIER fire alarm technicians to successfully deploy, test and service NOTIFIER ERCES / BDA systems. RSI will share their 20+ years of experience in deploying BDA systems and introduce the participants to public safety radio, Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems, code requirements, signal surveys, and hands-on training for installation, testing and service.

Click here to view available dates and learn more.


Overcoming Elevator Smoke Detection Challenges with Aspirating Smoke Detection

imgIn today’s construction market we are often seeing multi-level buildings being constructed. These buildings require elevators to meet ADA Accessibility Regulations, and these elevators are at times shut down during an emergency event. Yet evacuation routes with operational elevators allow more people to move to safety faster, and remove the risk that individuals with limited mobility will struggle to move through a stairwell.

NOTIFIER understands the value of operational elevators in an evacuation, and with the use of Aspirating Smoke Detection can keep these elevators safe and protected for use in an emergency event.

Click here to learn more about how NOTIFIER is protecting elevators with Aspirating Smoke Detection.


What is a Unified Mass Notification Ecosystem?

Unified Mass Notification Systems, or Unified Notification Systems, is a term that we are frequently using at our NOTIFIER seminars this fall. The main goal of these ecosystems is to send the right information to the right people during an emergency event.

Consulting Specifying Engineer has published a fantastic article defining and explaining Unified Mass Notification Ecosystems.

CLICK here to view the article and learn more.


Upcoming Webinar Reminder: ONYXWorks® UUKL Listed Smoke Control


Join us for an informational webinar exploring the powerful capabilities of NOTIFIER’s modern smoke control solution. This webinar offers an in-depth look at the exciting features and functionality in ONYXWorks® Smoke Control including the elements of set-up and operation.

ONYXWorks® graphical smoke control provides a modern alternative to traditional solutions. Learn how this advanced technology can take your projects to the next level.

Participants in this webinar will receive 1.0 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) that can be used to satisfy professional engineering continuing education requirements.

Click here to register.


Connected Campus Monthly Update

Each month we will be updating you on new content, advertising and promotion associated with our Connected Campus campaign. Here is a snapshot on our campaign metrics to date.

  • Over 450 leads generated
  • 12,000 visits to the Connected Campus site
  • Over 10,000 unique visitors to the website.

New articles available this month

Remember to continue liking, sharing and promoting the content on social media. Success is best achieved if we continue to promote our best in class services and solutions to our customers.


Register Now! NOTIFIER Seminar Series

imgNOTIFIER invites you to join us for one of our FREE educational event centered around the latest local code requirements and innovative products and technologies impacting your local fire and life safety systems.

Attending this meeting will arm you with a suite of solutions to help meet the needs of your customers and your most unique and complex applications – all while earning continuing education credits!


  • CONNECT with fellow industry experts while learning about the ground-breaking technology, software and services that are connecting buildings, and transforming the future of fire and life safety systems.
  • PROTECT your communities with key updates on fire protection and life safety codes. Hear about codes and enforcements relevant to your local jurisdiction, and attend application focused sessions that will identify fully scalable solutions to protect more lives.
  • Leave INSPIRED after experiencing NOTIFIER’s new panels, new software and new technology entering the fire and life safety market in 2020!
Click here to learn more.



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