University of Central Florida Streamlines Life Safety for New Dorms
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Combo fire/CO detectors and voice evac system earn praise from University of Central Florida campus police, administration, and students. Life safety solutions are important on any college campus, but especially those that are virtually cities unto themselves. The University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando has 160 on-campus buildings and occupies more than 1.7 million square feet to serve its 60,000 students, making it one of the largest universities in the United States.
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Aspirating Smoke Detection
Archived Webinar - FAAST Aspirating Smoke Detection: Pipe Network Design Using PipeIQ®
In this archived webinar, we provide an overview of the System Sensor PipeIQ software, which is used to design, configure, and monitor FAAST aspirating smoke detectors. We also include a demonstration of PipeIQ’s Pipe Wizard feature, as well as a walk-through for manually designing pipe networks – including tips and tricks. Webinar length is 1 hour.
Basic Pipe Network Cleaning and Maintenance Procedure
Periodic maintenance of the FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology pipe network is recommended in environments with high amounts of airborne particulate, or in cold environments where condensation may freeze on the sampling hole and affect pipe network performance. Annual maintenance of the pipe network is recommended for all installations. Low flow faults on installed devices that have been operating normally for a period of time may signal the need for pipe network cleaning.
Follow FAAST (US) on LinkedIn
We now have a LinkedIn Showcase page specifically for FAAST. We’d love to see you there! Follow the page for the latest updates (like webinars, videos, and more).
Audible Visible Notification
LF Sounder/Sounder Strobe Selected as “Product of the Year” Finalist
We’re proud to announce that our SpectrAlert Advance 520 Hz low frequency sounder and sounder strobes have been selected as a finalist in the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Product of the Year program. Both the low frequency sounder and sounder strobe meet NFPA 72 requirements for commercial sleeping spaces, and they are available now. Visit the CSE website for more details.
Is your state adapting to the new NFPA 72®2010/2013 low frequency requirements?
Check the map​ for States and Regions adopting IBC 2012 Chapter 35 and IFC 2012 Chapter 80 that reference NFPA 72®:2010 or NFPA 72®:2013​. Refer to your local building code or state fire marshal's office for effective dates.
Can You Hear Me Now?
Years ago, the sound quality of an installed emergency voice evacuation system was not a big concern beyond the system’s performance requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). However, the need for voice evacuation systems has greatly increased over the years, and their requirements have evolved beyond simply warning people of fire emergencies. Therefore, this became the introduction of Emergency Communication Systems (ECS). With the introduction of ECS, more and more attention is given to the performance of an installed system.
Carbon Monoxide Detection
Dangers of Smoke and CO in Your Home
The i4 Combination CO/Smoke Detector offers the best protection for you and your family. Take your security system beyond intrusion coverage and transform it into a complete life safety system: add the award-winning i4 series to protect your home and loved ones from fire and deadly CO gas, too.
CO Detection Legislation: Utah, Connecticut, Maryland, and California.
Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed SB 58 into law. The bill requires CO detection in new and existing school buildings that have fuel-burning appliances, fireplaces, or furnaces. Connecticut, Maryland and California have enacted similar laws.
HVAC Systems Monitoring
InnovairFlex Sensor Cover Conversion

The new sensor cover eliminates the need for the separate cover gasket that is currently in place. The new cover design provides an integrated, injection-molded silicone cover gasket. The new gasket helps to provide a better seal for the sensor side of the duct smoke detector and eliminates the need to ensure proper alignment of the current cover and gasket.

InnovairFlex: A Duct Smoke Detector with Unmatched Flexibility

InnovairFlex provides maximum flexibility to customers because it improves false alarm immunity, provides mounting versatility and ease of installation, offers backward compatibility, accommodates environmental extremes, and increases ease of service and maintenance. It accommodates round or rectangular ducts.

Spot Smoke Detection
Pinpoint Fires with Intelligent Detectors
200 Series smoke detectors are intelligent (addressable) detectors with point ID capability that enables each detector address to be set with decade address switches to provide exact detector locations. The sensitivity of 200 Series detectors can be programmed using the control panel software to suit the environment. In addition, detector sensitivity is continually monitored and reported to the panel.
Replacement Cover Kits for 200 Series Photo and Ion Detectors
System Sensor offers replacement cover kits in order to blend the detectors with their environment. Not only are they offered in a white (WCK-200B) that matches our SpectrAlert Advance product line, but we also offer the kits in black (BCK-200B) for darker applications like theaters.
Sprinkler Systems Monitoring
Sprinklers Are Key for Safety, Study Shows
A recent study showed that the type of building construction material did not affect the increased likelihood of a fire spreading, injuries, and death, as long as the buildings were equipped with sprinklers. The "Fire Outcomes in Residential Fires by General Construction Type" report studied almost 12,000 fires and was authored by Len Garis (Surrey, BC, Fire Chief) and Dr. Joseph Clare (adjunct professor at the University of Fraser Valley).
New PSI Rating for Pressure Switches
System Sensor’s full line of pressure switches are now rated to 300 PSI. Updated listing includes EPS10 Alarm Pressure Switches and EPS40 and EPS120 Supervisory Pressure Switches. Review the manuals for more information.
Wisconsin Sprinkler Law Leads to Greek House Renovations
With the creation of a state law requiring houses to be equipped with a sprinkler system for safety reasons, some Greek houses off University of Wisconsin's campus are opting for full-blown renovations. The concern for fires at Greek houses arose after a fire destroyed the former structure of Sigma Phi Epsilon in 2008.
System Sensor Snippets
LifeSafety Magazine
Low Frequency Requirements Sound Confusing, But They’re Necessary (LifeSafety Magazine, Spring 2014)
The wording of the 520 Hz signal requirement in NFPA 72®: 2010 and 2013 has caused some confusion. In general, low frequency sounders take the place of standard sounders in commercial sleeping spaces. However, there’s far more to know about the newly enacted requirement.
NFPA on local news to discuss dangers of backdrafts and firefighter safety
Following the tragic Boston townhouse fire on March 26, 2014, where the lives of two heroes, Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy, were lost, many people started to search for answers about how the fire started and spread so quickly. NFPA's Ken Willette and Don Bliss discuss firefighter safety as well as the dangers of backdrafts.
NYC High-Rise Fire Prompts Stronger Fire Safety Legislation - by Tom Von Essen, Former Commissioner of NYFD
Only a few days into the year, tragedy struck in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. On January 5, a fire broke out in a 42-story apartment building. Two men who lived 18 floors above the fire tried to escape down a stairwell, but were overcome by smoke. One of them died, and the other was critically injured, a tragedy that could have been avoided if they had simply stayed in their apartment.
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