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Cybersecurity Vulnerability Notification and Recommendation
Recently, Honeywell was informed of two separate cybersecurity vulnerabilities that potentially affect Performance series DVR/NVR products and several of our IP cameras respectively.

We have prepared notifications relating to each of these vulnerabilities, each including information about the vulnerability, affected SKUs and recommended actions. Please review the bulletins and carry out any recommended actions to ensure your devices are protected. Each bulletin can be accessed from the below buttons separately:
Performance Series DVR/NVR Notification

IP camera Buffer Overflow Notification
At Honeywell, we take security seriously and have taken immediate actions to address this cybersecurity vulnerability. We use ISA 62443-3-3 as a basis for security in all of our new products, and employ a rigorous process to help identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities in any existing products. As our valued partners, you should review the recommended best practice documentation located on to ensure security risks are mitigated and to maintain the integrity of your Honeywell security installations.

If you have any questions about the above recommendations and would like more information please contact your Honeywell dealer or call 1-800-323-4576, option 2, option 4, option 1.

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