Custom Price Tool

If you would like a file that contains the current prices for all materials, the Custom Price Book is available for authorized purchasers to download from the B2B. 

How to access the Custom Price Book:

1) Log on to the B2B website @

2) Follow the screenshots below to access the price book homepage:

3) Above the list of price books will be a link to the Custom Price Book

4) Input the necessary information and generate the file

If you have questions about your multiplier(s), please contact your sales representative. When entering the validity date make sure to enter today’s date or a date in the future. If you have not received your Custom Price Book via email within 24 hours of generation please contact Honeywell Customer Care. You should receive your book well before the 24 hour period, but due to the number of requests at any given time, the system may take longer to process your request.