Din-Mon Product Overview

Measuring just 5.5” (139.7mm) H x 4.3” (109.2mm) W x 2.3” (58.4mm) D, the compact Din-Mon is ideally suited for internal mounting in building automation systems, switchgear, control panels, server racks, renewable energy systems and other space-constrained energy monitoring applications. Din-Mon is also wall mountable.

Product Features

  • Meter is designed for use on both 3-phase, 3-wire (delta) and 3-phase, 4-wire (wye) circuits. Optional 1- and 2-element configuration is available. 
  • Two customer configurable pulse outputs: - Watt-hour and VAR-hour pulse outputs - Watt-hour and phase loss (N.O. Contact) 
  • Submeter part numbers can be determined by following the part configuration guide provided in the downloaded/printed H- Series brochure, or simply use the Sub-Meter Pricing Tool with descriptions and pricing for the most common sub-meter options. 

View the Din-Mon selection guide

Available Now: Din-Mon Current Sensors

Split-core current sensors: 0.333V standard, 100mA optional; Solid-core 0.333V and 100mA, optional.

The standard meter kit for either configuration comes with 0.333V split-core current sensors, but 0-100mA output current sensors and solid-core sensors are optionally available.

Product Availability

Din-Mon submeters and Din-Mon current sensors are in stock and ready to be shipped. 

Pricing Information

View the Sub-Meter Selection Guide


Form Number Description

62-0468 Din-Mon Installation Manual 

67-7566 H- Series Submeters Brochure

31-00003 Din-Mon Current Sensor Specifications

63-1390 Din-Mon Guide Spec

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