New Distribution File Is Available

The new WebVision upgrade 3.3.22-1.1.5 and the Release Notes can be downloaded from the Buildings Forum at the following location:

The Buildings Forum - Home > WebVision® Controller

All the units that are shipped from the factory will be updated with the latest firmware (1.1.5).

Installing the new Upgrade Dist File on the WebVision

1. Login in to WebVision
a. Use IE8 if the WebVision version is 1.0.35 or 1.0.39
b. Use IE10 or IE11 if the WebVision version is greater than 1.0.35 or 1.0.39
2. On the Home Screen, click the System tab to go to next level of tabs.
3. Next click on the Admin Tab

Note: It is recommended to trigger WebVision reboot using Reboot WebVision option in Admin tab. This is to make sure any unused memory is freed up before upgrade procedure

4. Click on Choose File

5. Select the Dist file from your PC (you should have downloaded this file from the Buildings Forum and saved it on your hard drive of your PC).

6. Click on Install to install the Dist file on WebVision. Upon completion, the system will reboot.

7. Upgrade your IE8 or IE9 browser to IE10 or IE11 to use the new WebVision version.

Note: Please do not abort the installation process or power off your PC or WebVision during installation. If you do, this will make your WebVision unusable.

Recommended browser settings for best viewing of WebVision:

We strongly recommend the following browser settings for best viewing of WebVision.

  • Use Windows Basic theme on your PC
  • Have the taskbar only at the bottom and not at the sides on your PC
  • Don’t use any zooming, keep zoom level at 100% in your browser
  • Set font size to small (100%) in your browser
  • Taskbar should be locked, not be floating in your browser

WebVision Recovery Tool

To recover an unusable WebVision product (due to IP addressing or duplicate slot issue), we are providing a tool, WebVisionRecoveryTool_1.2. Please refer to the Recovery Tool Release notes on how to use this tool. This tool can also be downloaded from the Buildings Forum:

The Buildings Forum - Home > WebVision® Controller