Issues Fixed in this Release 1.1.5

1. Duplicate Slot Issue on XL15C

Issue: The station database will have two device graphics slot entries with the same name on a XL15C device. When WebVision boots up, the software sees this as an error as two slots cannot have the same name.

Resolution: We have implemented a fix to prevent this from happening. We have also provided a recovery mechanism to bring it back to last known good configuration or to factory defaults.

 2. XL15C Start/Stop Loop

Issue: If the user has put the XL15C in the override state (schedule occupancy/un-occupancy), then the user loses the ability to get out of this state, unless the power is recycled.

Resolution: This was happening because there was no fallback (default) value when it comes out of Override. Now, we have fixed this issue by giving a fallback value.

 3. WebVision is Unusable

Issue: WebVision is unusable because LAN1 & LAN2 have same IP address (If LAN1 and LAN2 ports are given the same IP address or if they are on the same Subnet, then the WebVision will become unusable).

Resolution: We have put in checks that will prevent this, so that the WebVision will not become unusable. Please keep in mind that LAN2 should not be used, as it is disabled by default.

4. Trend Applet is Now a Honeywell Signed Applet

Issue: Users would see a warning from JAVA browser plug-in indicating that the “applet is not signed and not trusted”.

Resolution: We have now signed this Applet with Honeywell certificate, as opposed to Unknown.

5. Demand Limit Control (DLC) gets stuck

Issue: DLC control was not reading KW value from the configured point, when the configuration of XL15C on which the point is present is changed.

Resolution: We have put a fix to restart DLC control in this scenario. This will restore all loads observing minimum shed time

6. XL15C Loops Do not Follow DLC Load Status

Issue: XL15C loops do not follow DLC after modifying its configuration.

Resolution: We have put a fix to restart DLC control in this scenario. This will restore all loads observing minimum shed time. This behavior is limited to XL15C only and does not apply to other XL10 devices. Ex. If an XL10 device configuration is modified, then DLC control will not restart.

 7. Support for SMTP Port Configuration

Issue: Users cannot choose alternate port.

Resolution: Currently WebVision has 25 as the default port and does not allow users to choose alternate port, which blocks users from using SMTP servers on the internet that run on user defined ports. With this fix, users can now configure SMTP server ports.

8.Total Allowed Alarm Capacity Reduced If Alarm Priority Is Modified

Issue: When an existing alarm priority is modified, user loses the ability to modify an existing alarm or add a new one, even if the total alarm count is less than alarm feature limit.

Resolution: We have put a fix to allow modification of an existing alarm or ability to add new alarms up to the allowed limit.

9.    Invalid Character Check During Point Addition in Location Graphics 

Issue: WebVision allowed adding points with a name containing invalid characters to location graphics, but displayed an error message while saving the graphic.

Resolution: We have now improved the user experience by displaying the error to the user during point addition if its display name contained invalid characters.

10.  XL15CGraphic Reset Sensor Value

Issue: XL15C graphic displays “Reset Amount” value, but the display text was shown as “Reset Sensor”.

Resolution:  We have fixed this issue, so that “Reset Sensor” text is not renamed to “Reset Amount” in XL15C graphic.

11.  Device name in alarm screen does not match name in Navigation Tree.

Issue: This was happening when a device was discovered and added with a new name and then configuration was uploaded from the device. Any alarm generated on this device subsequently had this issue.

Resolution:  We have fixed this issue. All new alarms generated are associated with proper device name.

12.  Mismatch of Setpoint values in device configuration and Setpoint tab

Issue: In a XL10 device, temperature values were different in Setpoints tab and in configuration tab..

Resolution:  This was happening because of a unit conversion and has been addressed now.

13.  CVAHU Internal Server Error

Issue: After selecting W7750C model in Add Device screen, navigating to configuration screen results in “Internal Server Error”.

Resolution:  We have fixed this issue, so that selecting W7750C will not result in errors in configuration screen.