Zio Lite

The new, competitively priced Zio Lite that looks and feels like a million dollars.

Now with a CO2 sensing option, +/-3% humidity accuracy, a feather touch keypad , a thin profile, and a clean bright LCD display.

Zio Lite provides just the basic needs for the most common applications:  

  • Setpoint Adjust
  • Occupancy Override (optional)
  • Fan Setting (optional)

All models, including CO2 models, are powered by two-wire Sylk.  Reduce wiring time and cover all your sensing needs with a single two wire device and free up significant I/O on your controller.

Zio Lite has a password protected installer configuration menu that lets you change these items right from the controller:

  • Setpoint Limits
  • Temperature units F/C
  • Language option (English or International)
  • Occupancy Override Time
  • Home screen choice
  • And more

These same values can also be changed on the fly over the network – no need for a Spyder download, saving lots of maintenance time.  In addition, Temperature F/C and Language option can also be exposed to the tenant if desired. 

The Zio Lite uses the same built-in wire sheet block as the Zio – tool configuration of Zio Lite looks and feels just like the standard Zio configuration.


Ideal for any application with a Spyder. Vastly simplified wiring with Sylk, at a competitive price, makes it an easy choice. 

Product Availability

Product is available for ordering and is shipping now. 

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