Sylk I/O

Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of the new Sylk I/O modules.  By further leveraging our Sylk technology, Honeywell is able to extend the capability of the Spyder platform to cover more I/O intenstive applications such as large air handler or plant control.


Sylk I/O is designed to make programming I/O intensive applications easier by allowing the user to create a single control program while at the same time removing the extra network overhead required, when adding I/O via Lon or BACnet.  Existing Spyder customers will be familiar with the workflow of adding more physical points to their wiresheet and they’ll then be able to assign the desired points to the Sylk I/O device, via an enhanced Terminal Assignment view.  This makes programming additional I/O as easy as programming the standard inputs on the Spyder.


What's New with Sylk I/O

Sylk I/O modules are used in conjunction with both Lon and BACnet versions of the new Spyder with Relay controllers.  Since the I/O expansion is handled over the Sylk network, there’s no need for dedicated part numbers for both Lon and BACnet, the same modules will work with either Spyder controller.  Sylk I/O simply appears as more physical I/O under a Spyder, so there’s no need to split control programs over multiple wiresheets and controllers, nor is there a need to create network bindings and carry the burden of extra nodes on your automation network.



Ideal for applications like large air handler or plant control.


Product Availability

Product is available for ordering and is now shipping. 


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