Spyder With Relays

Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of the new Spyder with Relay controller.  The Spyder with Relay controller has been enhanced so it is able to work with the new Sylk I/O modules and are also ideal for RTU and Heat Pump applications where relay outputs are commonly preferred.

What's New With Spyder with Relays 

The Spyder with Relay models will save time and money on installation when an application requires a relay vs. triac outputs, which often forces installation of external relays.  The Spyder with Relay models use the same relays present in the proven VisionPRO and Prestige thermostats and EIM’s.

The outputs on the Spyder with Relay have been isolated into three separate banks so an installer can simply add or remove a jumper if dry contacts are desired, or if multiple transformers are used.

Spyder with Relay controllers also have enhanced firmware allowing users to leverage the Sylk I/O modules for applications that need more I/O than the base controller provides. 


Ideal for RTU and Heat Pump applications

Product Availability

Product is available for ordering and is now shipping.

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