Honeywell’s Advanced Video Analytics solutions offer in-depth insights and automation/alert options from your video installation.
With video analytics including LoiterTrace™, IntrusionTrace™, VehicleTrace™ and SmokeTrace™*, your video security can be more powerful than ever before. Analytics allow video to cross over into the realm of fire and intrusion protection and offers a range of other uses thanks to its flexibility and adaptibility. This functionality can not only result in installation and maintenance cost reductions, but also in simplified and more efficient management and use. With a solution to support any business need, why not find out what Honeywell Video Analytics can do for your business?

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What benefits can Video Analytics offer you?

  • Rapid detection and alert times for Intrusion, Loitering, Vehicle, Smoke and other analytics – allowing you to respond quicker, reducing the possibility of costly situations.
  • Can compliment and/or replace Intrusion security systems and support fire detection systems – reducing installation and maintenance costs or increasing  safety and security.
  • Improves automation of your security – analytics allow you to set up parameters for alerts for smoke, loitering, intrusion and the system will alert you when necessary  - no longer need 24hr human monitoring.  Never miss an event again.
  • Can provide greater situational information for first responders – can help improve first responders’ specific preparation to deal with alerts/events.
  • Highly flexible – can work with other security systems to form an integrated, highly automated alert system. Can be set up to suit almost any need.
  • Not only available for Honeywell products, but also available for a number of third party vendors.

How do Video analytics compare to current classical detectors?


Beam Detectors

Passive Infrared

Video Analytics


Requires physical alignment of emitters and detectors

Requires physical alignment with the protected area

Drag and drop detection areas onto live video


Virtual fence only

Virtual fence and area models available

Fully adjustable detection areas

Alarm verification

None. Requires aligned camera.

None. Requires aligned camera.

Intrinsically aligned video verification


Intrusion only

Intrusion only

Intrusion, loitering, smoke and numerous others


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What does IntrusionTrace™ offer?
  • Perimeter protection – 24/7/365 outdoor perimeter protection with advanced setup options and excellent false alarm supression
  • Sterile area protection – perfect for high security sites, can detect rolling, crawling and running out of the box.
  • Early warning system – alerts you before any damage is done, increasing the chance to prevent costly situations
  • Rapid verification – images are sent immediately, alarms can be clearly highlighted.
  • Can either compliment or replace traditional Intruder security solutions.


What does LoiterTrace™ offer?
  • Dedicated loiter detection – prevent vandalism, reduce crime, reduce risk to people and property
  • 24/7/365 autonomous monitoring and alert system – alerts you when required, runs all the time
  • Early warning – alert before problems arise
  • Ideal for a number of commercial and industrial environments where security is paramount

What You Can Expect


What You Can Expect
What does SmokeTrace™* offer?
  • Reduced false alarms - enable quick situational verification
  • SmokeTrace supports and compliments existing fire systems to improve safety
  • Enables faster response times – visuals from situation enable quicker decision making
  • Ideal for monitoring areas where there are few people for a large area


What does VehicleTrace™ offer?
  • High performance licence plate detection and recognition
  • Supports more than 190 countries with reliable performance over a wide range of plate types
  • Can be used in conjunction with Access Control systems
  • Ideal for car parks, large sites and other applications

What You Can Expect